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Ocean plastic clean up 电竞体育平台 Bahrain


电竞体育平台 believes that its contribution to society extends beyond the port gate, to the ongoing development of the local community. We have a regular program of social engagement, including outreach programs for disadvantaged children, placement schemes for young students, and contributions of our time and other resources to help the local community’s development. 

电竞体育平台 Bahrain is committed to integrating its own community based activities as well as supporting those of its employees.  We recognize the importance of being a good corporate citizen, contributing to local communities and making a difference to their wellbeing. Equally, we believe in improving people’s quality of life and making an effort to invest in the future of our country.

Steps Towards Sustainability

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Ocean Clean-Up

In May 2019, 电竞体育平台 Bahrain commenced a project to protect and preserve the Kingdom of Bahrain’s marine environment and natural resources. Working together with the Supreme Council of Environment, the initial phase of the seabed clean-up commenced, covering an area approximately 20 miles north of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Two boats were used during a 6-hour operation involving 10 divers. The first boat transported the divers and the second was used for waste collection. Over 70 kg of debris was collected in this initial phase.

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