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Meet our Interns


"My name is Mohammed Khalid A. Rahman, graduated from Bahrain Polytechnic, as a Mechanical engineer. Interning at 电竞体育平台 Bahrain in the Mechanical Department. Over the last eight months, several experience and knowledge regarding handling port and maintaining its quality. These learning have opened a new world for me, one that could have never been covered in the books. Interning here under my helpful seniors has given me a glimpse into my future role of a mechanical engineer and how crucial it is to the smooth functioning of the Port. I feel confident about future despite being unaware of the challenges that may come my way. However, with the help of my supportive peers at 电竞体育平台 Bahrain, I am confident we will navigate through them and support the crucial trading pillar of our nation."

Mohammed Khalid 
Bahrain Polytechnic 


"I am Aysha AlNoaimi I am interning at 电竞体育平台 Bahrain in the Maintenance department, specifically in the warehouse section. Over, the last three months starting from 11/4/2021 until 4/6/2021. I have gained first-hand experience of how the warehouse section of the maintenance department works. I have learned many fascinating things about the department, such as the workflow, and I learned that this department plays a vital role in the company. Interning here under Mr Mohammed Jawad has helped me learn more about the department and how all maintenance department section works together to overcome any problem. I feel confident and optimistic about my future, and I am sure that my pears at APM terminals will guide me through my journey."

Aysha Al Noaimi 
Bahrain Polytechnic 


"Being an Intern in 电竞体育平台 Internship, Have Encountered me to the opportunity to gain knowledge about the KBSP, APMT, logistics and transport field. As I have attended different informative sessions and meetings that add on valuable inputs to my overall Internship experience, During the Internship I had to experience both the theoretical and practical side of working which helped me in enhancing my employability skills. And Apart from that I learned how to advance my researching skills as I had to conduct different researches for the project requirements. Going through this experience made me learn how to handle a multi major role in implementing and integrating the management learnings with the new learnings that I am getting about the logistics field. This has also taught me how to overcome my fears and challenges, and also made me notice that the work-life after university could always go beyond my degree of specialization."

Dana Abdulla
Bahrain Polytechnic 


"I can’t wait to take the skills and knowledge I’ve developed in 电竞体育平台 during my Internship through my future career."

Rawan Al Turki
Bahrain Polytechnic 


"I am Ali Mohammed Taheri and I am interning at 电竞体育平台 Bahrain in the workshop department. Over the last eight months, I have gained vital first hand experience on how complex yet amazing the inner working of handling the port are. It was an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of 电竞体育平台 Bahrain team."

Ali Taheri
Bahrain Polytechnic 

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